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The wooden blocks dynamically arrange to form the word resources, showcasing an innovative layout and design.

Layout & Design Examples for Your WordPress Website

I love collecting resources!  I’m such a sponge.  It’s like a craving I just can’t satisfy.  Layout & design can be a challenge if you haven’t been professionally trained or if it doesn’t come naturally.  A great way to get started is to look at other sites for inspiration.  Spend…

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A woman wearing glasses is getting started with her laptop.

Getting Started with WordPress

If you are just getting started with WordPress here are a few great resources. From basic WordPress how-tos to tips on designing a website that works for you to help with a few premium products that I recommend for every site, you’ll find many solid and easy-to-follow guides below. Getting…

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A close up of a camera lens, available as free images.

Free Images Galore (Including Vector!)

When you have a website, or work on many, images can become quite costly. I’m always looking for free resources to help offset those costs. Let’s face it, sometimes you just have to buy that perfect image but when you don’t, here are 50 resources for your to explore. Looking…

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