What is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

Lifestyle EntrepreneurA lifestyle entrepreneur is one who seeks a specific lifestyle or schedule and then builds a career to fit, as opposed to building a lifestyle around a career. With many past generations, the formula has been to first find a career and then to build a lifestyle around it; however, with advancements in technology, better internet access, and more innovative career ideas, lifestyle entrepreneurs are redefining the workforce.

Most people have some specific things they’re passionate about. Lifestyle entrepreneurs learn to harness those passions and make a profit which fits the lifestyle they want to live. To become a lifestyle entrepreneur, it is necessary to identify not only a passion but also to identify a product or service that people want or need to buy.

Options are endless to make your own entrepreneurship. If you love makeup and beauty, maybe forming a new cosmetics business is a great option for you. If you want a strictly work-from-home job that is flexible with work hours, you can find a job that’s advertised as a completely remote position. Whatever the desired lifestyle or interest, there are many options for building a career to fit it.

Is this lifestyle right for you?

Lifestyle entrepreneurs seek a specific lifestyle and then build a career to fit that mold. But what kinds of lifestyles do people want? And how do you know if becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur is right for you?

Often, those who have worked a standard 8-5 job look for options that allow their hours to be more flexible. With other factors such as family commitments, work commutes, and daily habits, a standard 8-5 isn’t the best option for everyone. A work-from-home career may be a good lifestyle option for someone looking to have autonomy in business or more freedom throughout the work day.

If you need a change from the 8-5 grind or have a specific lifestyle in mind such as traveling more, then becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur is probably a good option for you. In order to find what’s best for you, think about your ideal schedule as a whole. Then think about your passions or interests that could wield a productive business or lead you to a company who offers the work/life balance that you need.

The flexibility to choose your own lifestyle and chase a career that will make it happen is a choice that many professionals are pursuing, and one that you can too!

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