What is Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Web HostingWith WordPress becoming more and more popular, retaining its ranking as the highest used platform for website creation even as the number of website builders continues to grow, some website hosting companies have decided to offer special hosting that is optimized for WordPress websites.  This means that many of the required features such as security, speed, WordPress updates, some backups, and more are done by the hosting provider.  Ideally, this provides you more space to focus on what you love without having to worry about the backend of your website.

Essentially, this is the same service that has made some platforms such as Squarespace or Wix popular with many business owners although these services don’t provide the same level of flexibility and support as you’ll find with WordPress.

The Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

The Pros

Security – While a website hack can happen to anyone, it’s a lot harder for them to gain access with the additional support Managed WordPress Hosting provides.

Faster Page Load – Hosting is definitely a factor in page load time but keep in mind how your site is built will impact this as well.

Backups – The server will take regular backups which is comforting to know although you should also take your own and store them off-site for security and accessibility.

Updates – Updates can be done for you.

Less Downtime – Downtime is a less frequent occurrence than you will experience in cheaper hosting or even services like Squarespace where downtime is a growing concern.

Staging – Many Managed Hosting Companies provide a staging area.


Price – Managed WordPress hosting is generally more expensive but when you figure in the value of your time, the loss of revenue potential due to downtime, and needing to have a better understanding of the language/terms used, it won’t seem as costly.

Limits – Some Managed WordPress hosting plans will limit some plugins that can have a negative impact on performance.  This isn’t really a bad thing but something you should know.

Less Control – Since someone else is taking care of the main technical aspects of your website, you may not have as much control over what’s happening but that’s also the beautify of it all…less hassle.

When Do You Need Managed WordPress Hosting?

While it may seem like overkill if you have a relatively small site, are just starting out, or don’t have a lot of traffic; I still recommend starting here.  You will have less frustration and experience peace of mind knowing your WordPress website is in good hands.

How to Find the Right Managed WordPress Hosting Plan for your Site

Finding the right Managed WordPress hosting plan can be a challenge since not all plans include the same thing and some are barely a managed plan.  You need to be clear about the limits, what’s included, and what it will cost you.  You’ll also want to pay attention to anything that would be good for you to ALSO be doing alongside your provider (like doing your own backups).


It’s important to make sure you have a good hosting plan.  It’s also important to look at the history of a company.  While all of this can be challenging to navigate, you can use a service similar to what I provide at Bergh Consulting.  Our WordPress Care Plans include a basic hosting plan with upgrades available, premium tools, updates, backups, security and speed tools, and more.  It also means you don’t ever have to contact the hosting company directly if there’s a problem with the server – we take care of that for you…that can make it all worthwhile to go this route.  Knowing the “tech-speak” and spending a lot of time in and out of live chat, phone calls, or support tickets can be exhausting (guess how I know…).  Instead, you can be enjoying life and focusing on what you love.