Why Have a Website Privacy Policy

When you are designing or updated your website, don’t forget to assure you have a website privacy policy. This vital addition to your site is often legally required and always a good idea.

A website privacy policy is a statement which describes some or all of the ways you will gather, use, disseminate and manage a customer or visitors information. In certain industries, states etc. it is legally required to do this. However, even when it isn’t, many visitors expect to see one in this day and age.

Many policies will go on to explain how they collect your data, they will say whether they use cookies, or form info from the website. It can also be helpful to state a timeline for how long you will hold their data. It’s always good to have defined timeframe. Just make sure you do purge the data when that time is up.

Depending on your site, you’ll also want to include who may have access to the information you collect from visitors. Do you share data with a third party? Does anyone in your company have access to the information? Ask yourself these questions and consider including the answers in your policy.

Why Have a Website Privacy Policy?

One of the most important reasons to have one is of course legality. Without one you increase your risk of being sued. This can happen to big players, like it did with Google and it can happen to small sites and businesses as well.

It also allows you to have a mobile app in various stores that restrict based on privacy policies. In order to be approved to show up on Google Play or the Apple store you need to have a privacy policy. And if users report they are unable to find one your app could be suspended from the site.

You want to think of your website privacy policy as a safeguard for both your site visitors and you.

Other Benefits of a Website Privacy Policy

When a visitor to your site sees your privacy policy, even if they don’t read it, they will grow to trust you a little bit more. They know you’ve taken the time to do this, and that makes you seem like more of a legit site and a good business.

It gives people peace of mind causing them to spend more time on your site, and possibly money when relevant. In addition they are more likely to refer friends and family to your site if it has a privacy policy.

This is particularly important if you have an ecommerce site. Visitors are more likely to spend money and give out detailed personal information when you have a privacy policy. Identity theft is a serious crime that has become all too common. Hackers are stealing information from companies at an alarming rate.

The public cares about their privacy and personal data. You have a privacy statement shows that you do too. The more clear and thorough you are with your information the more your visitors will feel comfortable with your site.

How Do I Get a Website Privacy Policy?

It’s always best to talk to a legal professional, especially if you are dealing with personal data. It does not need to take long or cost a great deal to have a brief consultation regarding your privacy policy. If you are dealing with money and/or credit cards this is a must.

However you can also go through the Better Business Bureau or other organizations to get good information if you’d like to build your own.

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