Why Typography Matters

“In fact, just as humans are 70% water, I’d say that your website is 70% typography, at the very least.” – Piccia Nerri, Design for Geeks

When you read a page of content, words are strung into sentences to convey a message, thought, or idea. Typography gives content a tone, an essence, a visual appeal, and structure. Without typography, words have half the impact.

Typography is an umbrella term for many elements that come together to display and resonate content tastefully and effectively, be it a website or a wedding invitation. These elements include typeface, font size, font type, visual hierarchy, whitespace, contrast, and the grid. When put together thoughtfully and aesthetically, typography effectively reinforces the message, feeling, and idea of your content.

Here are a few reasons why typography matters.

#1. It’s a Vital Means of Expression 

“It is crucial to choose elements of typography wisely, especially knowing that people receive 95% of information through text.” – Capturly

Whether it’s a brand message or a personal note, typography lends emotion, a theme, and a sense of character to your content. The typeface you choose highlights the tone of your message and affects how it is relayed to your audience.

Typography creates a vibe. Whether it’s a feeling of empathy, happiness, condolence, or danger, typeface along with the choice of font and font size moves beyond words to express what you’re trying to say.

If it’s a call to action, typography can enforce a sense of urgency or significance. Kinetic typography uses animated text to convey action and excitement. In a business website, it can be used to reinforce your key selling proposition or brand proposition, highlight important messages, create expectations, and resonate with your target market.

#2. It Makes Content Legible

“Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed”- Wikipedia

Have you ever seen posters or online posts that don’t read well? It’s challenging and sometimes impossible to figure out what’s written because the font color looks too faded or is too jarring. The typeface is unpleasant and delivers a contradictory message. These are signs that the typography is all wrong. See how typography matters when it comes to readability?

Ideally, we want our content and graphics to be easy on the eyes and effortless to decipher. Typography helps achieve these goals. Its many elements such as line spacing, line alignment, paragraph alignment, character spacing, font design, contrast, and background contribute to your website’s visual attractiveness and effectiveness.

Maintaining typography also means looking into things like line length. You don’t want to exhaust and discourage your readers with too many words stuffed into one line of text. Sharp and crisp messaging combined with good typography, and appropriate imagery go hand in hand in a smartly designed marketing collateral.

#3. It Boosts Communication 

“They say that communication is about 90% nonverbal and only 10% actual words.” – Tony Hardy, Canny

Typography helps the reader or viewer navigate a website effectively. It enables a potential customer to interpret information more easily and accurately. Typeface and choices of font, color, and graphics evoke feelings and lead the reader to more easily comprehend the true meaning of what’s being communicated.

With tweaks, modifications, and additions, typography can be used to influence the readers’ desires and needs. If it does its job effectively, it can galvanize a customer into action. From inspiring a certain sentiment to making a sale, typography boosts your website’s ability to achieve its objectives.

Typography is King

Typography has existed for billions of years. From ancient scriptures to modern documents, typography has always played a vital role in the way content has been represented, communicated, and received.

A successful website is always backed by well-developed and mindful typography. Hence, working with an agency that values typography and has the skills to deliver can significantly help you advance your business goals.

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