WordPress Optimization Tips Part Two

This is part two in a four part series. If you missed Optimizing WordPress Tips part one, you can read it here.

Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

Keeping your site updated – meaning WordPress along with the themes and plugins installed on your site are kept up-to-date – shows the search engines you care about the security and stability of your site, keeps your site running better and faster, provides a safer space for your visitors to come and hang out.

Use Excerpts on Homepage and Archives

Using excerpts allows your visitors to scan your content and select the content that’s most meaningful to them. It will also load a lot faster.

Use a Theme Optimized For Speed

I highly recommend using a theme that is fairly stripped down like Beaver Builder. Your theme doesn’t need to do any heavy lifting and a simple site is going to be more accessible and easier for your visitors to navigate.

Use Faster Plugins

There are so many plugins available. This can make it difficult to know which ones are best. If you are a client with Bergh Consulting, you can always ask me about solutions for something you are working on…in fact I highly encourage you to do so. I am always happy to help and there’s a good chance I’ve already done the research.

Optimize WordPress Database

If you are a client, we take care of this for you. If not, there are plugins that can help keep your database cleaned and optimized. As always, take a backup before running any kind of optimizer on your site. Optimizing your database will remove any unneeded files and reduce the overall size. This help keep everything running well.

Use Latest PHP Version

By latest, I mean most stable latest version. We don’t always update as soon as a new version is released but it is important to stay on top of this one. You will definitely begin to have issues on your site if you don’t do this.

Install a WordPress Caching Plugin

If you are a client, we have done this for you. Otherwise, you’ll want to check with your hosting company to see what they offer and then also look at adding one if they recommend it. If they recommend you add one, be sure to ask for recommendations so you know you are selecting one that will work well in their hosting environment.