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Troubleshooting When Your Website Appears to be Down

When your site appears to be down, it can be quite stressful.  I understand your site is your livelihood in many cases.  No matter what you do, you will most likely experience your site being down at least once for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the server is doing maintenance. …

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Clean Up Those Categories

I’m currently in the process of cleaning up my categories.  Categories are how visitors find content and tags are how search engines find content.  Once or twice a year, I take a look at what I’ve got and examine… Where are most of my posts falling in terms of categories.…

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Spring Cleaning for Your Website

It’s a great time to clean up your site. Got themes you aren’t using? Delete them. Plugins you don’t need? Delete them. Gone through your media library lately? If you are anything like me, I might upload two or three images before I get it in the size and cropped…

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Keep At It – Keep It Safe

Changing your password, updating your site, watching trends, spring cleaning, etc. – these aren’t tasks you do once. They are all things you do over and over again to keep your site running in tip top shape. What needs to be done on your site today? Take a moment now…

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Hack Hack Cough Cough

Just like a real cold, problems with your website can really slow you down and it’s the last thing you need to be dealing with on your quest for happiness and joy in this world. I like to touch on this topic every so often because it’s so important and…

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How to Get Great Website Support

Getting great website support can be a challenge, even for those of us who work with it every day.  I came across this article and thought it made some really great points about what you can do when you need support to help the process move along.  Here are the…

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