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Need Help with WordPress - Facebook GroupWe recently started up a new group on Facebook to provide support to small businesses out there with a focus on WordPress.  Why this group? We saw lots of groups focused on being an entrepreneur and lots of groups focused on WordPress but nothing that combined the two and we believe everything is better with WordPress!

Next to you personally, your website is the core of your business.

👉It’s where you send people who want to learn more.
👉It’s where all your social media efforts and in-person networking lead people.
👉It’s where you invite your customers to take action.

It’s true there are many other website builders out there. None are as widely used as WordPress and for good reason (many good reasons actually). We want to make sure you get started on the right foot and have the ongoing support you need to build your business successfully.

While this group will be focused on WordPress at the core, we can’t ignore (nor do we want to), the other parts of the puzzle. Once you have a website, you need to build your online presence and drive traffic back to your website. All these efforts will ensure you achieve success.

This group is ideal for both beginners and experts alike who want to focus on the big picture of what it takes to build a successful business using a WordPress website as your core online marketing tool. Feel free to ask questions, share resources or just lurk around a bit until you are comfortable engaging more.

WHAT’S ALLOWED…conversations that are helpful to others that support having a successful website (and business) built on WordPress. Self-promotion is allowed IF someone asks for help in a specific area and you can help and your posts includes some value other than “PM me” or something similar. Please provide value in your post and then offer additional support, if they need it.

WHAT’S NOT ALLOWED…spammy posts, sharing stolen software/content, auto-posting, affiliate links, promoting other groups, negativity, blocking admins, harassing other members in any way and PMing other members for any reason if you weren’t invited to do so first. In other words, if someone says “Hey, PM me!” – you can PM them. Otherwise, no.

We may choose to remove and block members who don’t follow the few rules we have. We also reserve the right to remove posts that don’t fit our guidelines if needed.

Some tips for keeping the group awesome:
❤If you have a question, please search Google and this group before posting.
❤Stay on topic.
❤Be as descriptive as possible in your questions.
❤Be kind.
❤If in doubt about posting something, check our rules here.
❤If you want to pay someone for their help, please ask people to PM you and then turn off comments immediately so we can keep the feed moving and everyone’s posts can be seen in a timely manner.
❤If you need feedback on something you’ve created, please include branding, target market, etc. where applicable – it’s the only way to really get good info.
❤If you’ve gotten what you needed, please update your post to say ***CLOSED*** at the top.

Want to join us?  Click here.  We’d love to be a partner in your success.

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