How to Write a Great Blog Post

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Every digital marketer knows they need to be able to write a great blog post. Content—and lots of it—is the pillar that supports your business. It’s what drives your business.

As a marketer, you also understand the need to communicate effectively with your target audience. To captivate them with a clear message delivered in just the right tone. But every marketer isn’t by nature a writer, so having to write a great blog post might be a challenge.

Are you nodding your head as you read this, thinking, that’s me!  If so, we’re going to have you writing great blog posts in no time, so pay attention.

Let’s start with a few overall guidelines that should have you blog writing like a pro in no time.

Write What You Know.

This advice is given to fiction writers all the time, and for good reason. If words come to you in a free-flow because you’re already well versed in the topic, your natural rhythm shows through. If you’ve done a lot of research, but you’re still unfamiliar with your topic, your writing can become stilted and awkward. Difficult to read. The opposite of what you want to do when making the effort to write a great blog post.

Use an Outline.

Gather your thoughts beforehand. Set them out in a cohesive, logical manner, and then create your blog post based on it.

Wow Them with a Visual.

No one likes to be greeted with a wall of text. It’s intimidating, even for those who love to read. Break up your blog posts with visuals that speak a thousand words. It’s so much easier than typing them, trust me!

Evergreen Isn’t Just for Trees.

Assuming you don’t take your blog offline at some point, what you write will be available to your readers forever. So try to write timeless content. If your content will become dated, please do your readers a favor and date your post, and then update it regularly.

So now that I’ve given you some pointers on how to write a great blog post, let’s take a moment and discuss what your blog posts could be about. What they might contain.

Types of Blog Posts

We mentioned above that you should create an outline, and this really comes into play here. Make sure your outline works for the type of content you’re writing.

How-to Posts.

I love tutorials and how-to articles. Because—and I freely admit this fact, since others will quickly line up to tell you—I don’t know everything. If you can write a succinct, well laid out tutorial, you will gain readers. Tutorials also offer a great opportunity for images. Giving your readers a screenshot as you deliver your walk-through is a great bonus for those who are visual learners. And they will remember you’ve written a great blog post and be back.

List-based Posts.

People who are searching for or researching products love lists. Top 10 reasons to buy product X. The Top 5 (enter market segment) in 2019. These types of lists are extremely helpful. And as a bonus, they’re extremely easy to write.

Curated Content.

Have you ever researched something and had to spend hours finding bits of information from a variety of different sources? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one source that curated all the content you need on any given subject? Assuming your blog targets a specific audience, provide for their overall needs with as much curated content as you can find.

You’ve done it! You’ve discovered you can write a great blog post! Is that it?

No. Let it sit for a bit. Edit and proofread as soon as you’re done but come back to it a few hours—some suggest days—later with fresh eyes. Edit and proof again. You’ll be surprised at what you missed the first time around. And most importantly, enjoy the process.  Not only is it a great way to share your knowledge and connect with your target market but it can be fun!

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